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Norway hands over ITF Chairmanship to Israel

Ambassador Tom Vraalsen has handed the Norwegian chairmanship on Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education (ITF) to Israel during a ceremony in Berlin.

Vraalsen recalled that Norway assumed the Chairmanship of the ITF a year ago, saying that entails noble responsibility.

- The ITF is a voice of moral authority on the international scene when it comes to raising awareness about the Holocaust. Its place is in the forefront in the struggle against the worrisome trend of Holocaust denial and trivialization.  

- When Norway took upon itself this task, it was determined to continue the excellent work of the previous Chairs, in particular the Austrian Chairmanship, to further professionalize the ITF. 

- I would like to extend my personal thanks to the ITF membership, and in particular Israel and Austria as part of the Troika, for supporting us in our endeavours to make the ITF more effective and politically relevant. My thanks also go to the Honorary Chairman of the ITF, Professor Yehuda Bauer, and the Academic Advisor, Ms. Dina Porat for their important contributions to the work of the ITF.

- Today we are greatly honoured to hand over the Chairmanship of the ITF to Israel. We are certain that Israel will continue the important task to further strengthen the ITF, Ambassador Vraalssen said.

(Press release)

Rolleiv Solholm 

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